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Austin Power Partners Receives FWC Award

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September 30, 2021




Diversity & Inclusion

CHICAGO - Austin Power Partners, a joint venture between Austin Commercial, Power Construction Company, and Ujamaa Construction, Inc., has received the Transformational Partnership of the Future Award from the Federation of Women Contractors. The JV Team, working together on the O'Hare International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC), was recognized for the strength of its partnerships.

From the FWC: "As the FWC pondered on award categories, we considered those making an immediate impact on our industry, securing contracts, and getting/keeping people working today.  But also the transformative impact that will live for generations ahead. The FWC understands that prime contracts are an excellent way for small and diverse businesses to grow and scale. The creativity and partnerships of the O’Hare 21 CMRs afford great opportunities for business sustainability and economic development on the multi-year project. We recognize and applaud the innovation of these transformational partnerships that will set the bar and standard for those to follow."

"We are proud to be long term partners of the FWC," said Alex Haynes, Diversity Manager, Austin Commercial. "The organization is a strong supporter of women in the Chicago construction industry and we're honored to receive this recognition."

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