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Austin Industrial Recognizes Safety at S.C. Kimberly-Clark Site

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November 24, 2021



South Carolina

BEECH ISLAND, SC - Employee-owners at Austin Industrial's Kimberly-Clark site in South Carolina recently celebrated a significant safety milestone – 13 consecutive years without a recordable injury.

“Our employee-owners hold each other accountable and follow our 'Three Points of Success' we have on site at Kimberly-Clark," said Jason Pittard, Site Manager, Austin Industrial. "At the top of our triangle is safety, and on the bottom, we have efficiency and quality. If we can achieve all three successfully every day, we will be and continue being safe.”

“The true family atmosphere that the site team showed me is a direct reflection of Jason’s leadership day-to-day," said Matt Boyles, VP - Southeast Region, Austin Industrial. "We appreciate his hard work and commitment to Austin and all employee-owners. Shawn really exemplifies what an Austin leader is with his hands-on approach to mentoring and coaching."

Austin Industrial extends its thanks and congratulations to Jason, Shawn and all other employee-owners at the Kimberly-Clark Beech Island site for this impressive safety achievement.

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