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Austin Bridge & Road Wins ABC We Build Texas Award

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March 10, 2023



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COPPELL, TX - Austin Bridge & Road was honored by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) with a 2023 We Build Texas Project Award in recognition of the company's work on the FM 451 swing bridge project in Sargent, TX.

The previous FM-451 swing bridge in Sargent, TX, the last onset system of its kind, was replaced due to its waning durability and high maintenance costs. The corkscrew bridge was the optimal design for the site because the height enabled barge traffic to flow uninterrupted through the waterway.

The new and improved bridge gives drivers reliable access to both sides of the channel. Due to the unique site location, the construction of this bridge presented no shortage of logistical challenges. Extensive coordination between Austin Bridge & Road, TxDOT, The US Coast Guard, and the US ARMY Core of Engineers was required to execute this project. The inverse result having been an immeasurable timeline impeded by commercial barge traffic that stood to halt construction at unexpected and inopportune times. Despite these efforts, other factors such as environmental issues, frequent weather-related interruptions, limited right-of-way due to the coastline, and community skepticism, hindered the project's advancement.

The construction means and methods were carefully planned to avoid placing the control house at risk of damage, thusly ensuring the safety of both the bridge operator and the means to accommodate barge traffic through the ongoing construction zone. Successful communication, coordination, and collaborations were key in creating an impressive and distinctive bridge structure that will serve the traveling public for many years to come.

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