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Austin Bridge & Road Partners with Tech Firms to Enhance Safety

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June 29, 2022



IRVING, TX - Austin Bridge & Road, in cooperation with partners Intel, LivNSense, and Velociti, is putting technology to work to enhance construction site safety. The partnership has developed a Vision-Based Intelligent Collision Avoidance System, or ViCAS, that uses deep learning inference models to alert workers in real-time about their surroundings, helping to reduce workplace incidents and work stoppages.

“It is such an honor to be part of Austin where all employee-owners diligently pursue a “Zero Accident Mentality” as part of our safety culture," said Richard Mills, President of Austin Bridge & Road. "Piloting AI technology on our equipment is just another example of embracing innovation to advance the safety of our workers and all other stakeholders who enter our work zones.”

“With safety as our number one commitment and a goal of zero workplace incidents, we continue to seek out, find or create solutions that make us safer," said Matt Hollensworth, Director of Change Management at Austin Bridge & Road. "Ideal solutions are those that can mitigate human error, prevent injury, or eliminate equipment damage. Furthermore, we want to effectively capture workplace behavior and provide safety insights to prevent incidents before they happen.”

Austin firmly believes that innovation and technology are key not only to optimize efficiency, but to protect our company's most valuable resource: our people.

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