Austin works in an environmentally responsible manner and strives to continuously improve our environmental performance. Recognizing that climate change is an important issue for our planet, we mitigate environmental impacts of our projects by sustaining an efficient supply chain, reducing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and recycling waste where practicable.

Our efforts include:

Limiting pollution and reducing waste

Increasing recycling at our jobsites

Conserving water and other natural resources


Promoting environmental awareness by educating, training and motivating our employee-owners, clients, and business partners

Encouraging sustainable construction practices across our customer base

Austin Bridge & Road

Austin Bridge & Road partners with the State of Texas to replace, retire or renovate old equipment to mitigate negative environmental impact. As part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP), Austin Bridge & Road was awarded a grant check to change heavy equipment with environmentally-friendly replacements.

Austin Commercial

Austin Commercial brings unique green building experience to each project with its affiliation with the industry’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®). Based on its experience with LEED projects and certifications, Austin Commercial suggests sustainable initiatives designed to meet the type of LEED certification sought for a customer’s project.

Austin Industrial

Austin Industrial’s refinery work aims to lower the sulfur content in diesel fuels and produce cleaner-burning gasoline. Both new construction and revamping of existing gas facilities are designed to meet stringent emission standards, use renewable resources, reduce oil consumption, ensure proper handling and disposal of materials, and leverage preventive maintenance to meet Austin’s zero emissions standard. In addition, Austin Industrial is steadfast in its approach for leak-free start-ups of plant operations on turnaround and outage contracts.

“At Austin, I’m proud to say that we are doing our best to protect the environment by using recycled products in our hot mix asphalt plants.”

Eric Schranz | General Manager – Plants, Austin Bridge & Road

Eric Schranz discusses Austin Bridge & Road’s asphalt recycling program

Matt Harp discusses the balance between cost/time/quality and sustainable construction

Chris Guice discusses how Austin Commercial helps customers achieve sustainable goals