UT Arlington College Park

The LEED-Silver College Park Project is part of the ongoing realization efforts by The University of Texas Arlington outlined by the Campus Master Plans and endeavors to be consistent with the conceptual vision of a “college town.” College Park succeeds in its contribution to the Master Plan by providing several key components that afford connectivity, density and scaling to the creation of a great urban place. The facility created a thriving environment where pedestrian activity easily flows from campus to city block and back again. In total, College Park provided space for 1,800 parking spaces, 259 dorm rooms, 78 apartment rooms, retail space and office space. The project replaced the previous surface parking lot which forms a soft eastern campus edge. As the first parking structure built and managed by the University, the parking garages accommodate space for a variety of users, including the residence hall residents, Welcome Center visitors, retail users, City of Arlington, the First Baptist Church Arlington and the adjacent SEC.

Company:Austin Commercial


Location:Arlington, TX