UT Southwestern Medical Center T. Boone Pickens Biomedical Building and Conference Center

In anticipation of future biotechnology research needs, the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center implemented the North Campus development plan in 1988. Phase IV of the six phase expansion is comprised of wet and dry biotechnology laboratories along with research facilities. Consisting of a 16-story research tower exceeding 490,000 square feet, Phase IV, a “tier one” educational facility, was the medical center’s first project built utilizing the CM at Risk delivery method. Phase IV received a STAR rating from the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program for outstanding jobsite safety.

The building contains 12 floors of finished-out biomedical research labs. Lab types include generic labs, neurology, developmental biology, advances for cellular signaling, protein technology, microarray core, pharmacology, biochemistry, open labs for Howard Hughes Medical Institute and physiology labs.

Company:Austin Commercial


Location:Dallas, TX