University of Houston Cougar Village II

This student housing facility for the University of Houston consists of approximately 275 two-bedroom shared bath units, three apartments for resident staff, approximately 35 individual apartments for resident assistants, and related amenities. The project is the second phase of two similar residence facilities. Each student bedroom accommodates two beds for a total capacity of approximately 1,100 beds. Amenities include a reception area/lobby with security desk, central and floor lounges, computer room, laundry rooms, two multipurpose classrooms, fitness area, an outside-accessed living-learning center with two staff offices, floor kitchenettes, and vending areas with electrical power and data service. Support spaces include housekeeping and custodial closets, mail center, storage/maintenance rooms, IT and building systems closets, trash room and chute, and elevators and equipment rooms.

Company:Austin Commercial


Location:Houston, TX