Northeast Lakeview College

The Alamo Community College project is on approximately 220 acres, includes a 2,770 car parking lot and 370,000 square feet of facilities. The center of the campus is the campus plaza, which is bordered by several campus buildings including the library, a performing arts center, fine arts facilities, and a building which houses student services and the campus commons. A monumental stair leads down from the central plaza to a walk along the edge of the campus green, which is a large grassed area used for gatherings and recreation. Trellises and seating areas overlook the campus green and provide views west to an open field dotted with huisache trees and a lake at the bottom of the hill.

Northeast Lakeview College Campus won a 2010 Award of Excellence in the higher education category in Texas Construction’s Best of Texas Award program.

Company:Austin Commercial


Location:Universal City, TX