Baylor Football Stadium: Pedestrian Bridges

The Umphrey Pedestrian Bridge will be the main form of pedestrian access to the stadium from campus. It is anticipated that thirty thousand patrons will park on campus or in the city of Waco and walk across the bridge on game days. This five span, 760 foot-long, 35 foot-wide bridge is being constructed from barges and built on a curve with structural steel “Y columns” and steel girders. Each of the four in-water Y columns will be founded on two, five feet diameter drilled shafts, descending approximately 40 foot to bedrock. The second bridge, at 100 foot-long and 12 foot-wide, is a prefabricated structure that will traverse a river inlet to connect the stadium with a tailgating area to the east.

Company:Austin Bridge & Road

Category:Heavy Civil

Location:Waco, TX