Tampa International Airport recently received 12 new train cars for its upcoming 1.4-mile automated people mover (APM) system, SkyConnect. The APM project is part of Austin Commercial’s current work at the airport, which also includes a new Consolidated Rental Car Center. Both are part of Phase 1 of Tampa International Airport’s Master Plan expansion.

“We are excited to welcome these new trains and transition into a new phase of construction,” Hillsborough County Aviation Authority Chairman Robert Watkins said. “This project is fantastic for Tampa International Airport and for the Tampa Bay region. More than 6,900 workers have played a part in constructing the SkyConnect and rental car center, logging some 3.4 million hours of work.”

Crews began construction on the SkyConnect system in November 2014, and work on the guideway structure was completed earlier this year. The trains were lifted onto the SkyConnect this week, kicking off roughly six months of testing.

Tampa SkyConnect – Guideway Construction Fun Facts:

Drilled shafts (including the APM Stations):

  • 656 shafts, sizes from 2’ to 7’ diameter, and the longest was 106.8’.  Total of about 8,300 cy of concrete.


  • 79 steel beams, longest span 256’, beam sizes from 48” to 120”, longest steel beam was 129.8’ long, heaviest steel beam was 106,200lbs.
  • 5,037,346 lbs. of steel beams (not including cross frames, connection plates, soles plates).
  • 428 concrete FIBs (Florida I Beams) – Sizes ranged from 36” to 63”, longest and heaviest were the eight FIBs over the EPG entrance: 117’-9” and 122,460lbs each.