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Cedar Breaks Bridge

Located on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property, Austin Bridge & Road built the Cedar Breaks, which spans the spillway to Lake Georgetown dam. The area was sensitive to archaeological findings and Austin worked with archaeological inspectors to ensure all artifacts were preserved. The project was built within new right of way and required much tree and shrub clearing. Protected birds inhabited the area, requiring all clearing to be completed before April – nesting season. Austin met the nesting season deadline and pushed forward with the construction of the 1750 LF bridge.

Over 100 LF above water, safety was a priority for the construction of the two-lane bridge. Austin brought a value engineering idea to the owner, proposing Type J beams to save money. A unique aspect of the bridge was the 24 IN water line that had to be hung under the bridge. Each joint of water line was welded together and then pushed out under the bridge, saving time and costs. Austin also constructed a new asphalt roadway to tie-in to the existing roadways.

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