The Chicago O’Hare International Airport recently opened its new Multi Modal Facility, providing a central access point for all rental cars, public parking, busing, the Chicago Metra rail system, and other regional transit serving the airport. This new addition will make O’Hare significantly more convenient for travel, and will help to reduce traffic and pollution around the airport and terminals.

The 2.5 million-square-foot building houses 13 rental car companies and will help prepare the airport for its $8.5 billion terminal expansion project planned over the next decade, the largest in the airport’s history. In addition to housing all rental car operations, the new facility offers passengers an additional economy parking lot and will serve as the airport’s ground transportation hub.

The project was built by Austin Power Partners, a joint venture from Austin Commercial, Power Construtcion and Ujamma Construction. Austin Commercial has more than 40 years of construction experience in the aviation industry, and this project marks the 9th consolidated rental car facility Austin Commercial has worked on.

Read more about the new multi modal facility HERE.