Here you can find facts and press about Austin Industries, Austin Bridge & Road, Austin Commercial and Austin Industrial, as well as downloads of Austin logos, signature and logotypes.

Corporate Identity

Austin Industries evolved from Austin Bridge Company, which was founded in 1918. Before then, the Austin name had been well known in the Texas bridge building business since 1889. Today, Austin is one of the largest and most diversified construction organizations in the United States.

The formation of Austin Industries in 1974 was a major step in seeking a fresh identity for the corporation. The company decided to create a uniform logo and signature for the new parent company and each of its operating companies. The Austin corporate identity program was developed to illustrate how the company’s colors, signature and logo should be used.

Our Logos

This is the official version of the Austin logo and is the ONLY mark to be used for identifying Austin Industries, its operating companies and divisions.

The logo – whether displayed by itself or in an authorized signature – should always stand alone as a separate entity. The logo should never be manipulated or altered for reproduction. When printing is limited to a single color, the logo may be reproduced in black and white. (It can also be printed in one color.)

Austin’s Signature: A signature is a combination of the Austin logo and the company name (logotype). Signatures are typically used on stationery, advertisements, promotional material, signage and other visual forms of communication.

Logotypes: The logotype of the operating companies is composed of two elements: The operating company name and the linking phrase “An Austin Industries Company.” The corporate signature of the parent company does not carry the linking phrase. Austin’s company logotype is not a font and cannot be recreated by typing it in any specific font. For use, download the version of each company name in its logotype.

Colors: “Austin” red (PMS 185) is the approved corporate color of Austin, supported by black. The use of corporate colors is mandatory on all stationery, calling cards and other business forms in which the Austin trademark and signature are used.