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culture of employee ownership. When people ask the secret               More so than our portfolio, as impressive as it is, it is our
               to our success, we always point to our culture and our people.      integrity, our ability to lead, and our get-it-done performance
               That’s not something that happens overnight! Austin now has         that earned us a lengthy list of repeat customers. Our people do
               100 years to draw from when others want to talk about why           the right things, for the right reasons, when nobody’s looking.

               we’ve been so successful.                                               We must always have continual leadership and culture
                   As we look toward the next century of Austin Industries, we     training to prepare the next generation of employee-owners to
               must realize that the quality of the people we train ultimately     take the reins one day. Our future holds unlimited potential in
               determines Austin’s long-term success. That’s why we keep our       the next 100 years. We own it at Austin!
               people highly motivated and grow the next generation because
               you are only as good as the people that you have in your                        God Bless,
               business today. We invest large amounts of time in the business
               of grooming Austin leaders and emphasize training employee-
               owners to think as an owner thinks. All employee-owners share

               the responsibility for the results and focus on moving Austin                   David B. Walls
               in the same direction. That’s who we are on our 100-year                        President & CEO, Austin Industries
               anniversary, and it’s the same approach that will take us through
               the next century.
                   Employee ownership leads to attracting and retaining
               quality people who want to work for Austin. Foundational
               to our company’s culture is the way we share profits with our

               employee-owners in our business, top to bottom. The Moore
               and Solomon families were always very generous and shared
               the company profits with the employees. This culture of
               sharing evolved into 100 percent employee ownership today.

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