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ustin Industries is celebrating 100 years in
                                                                                           2018—a full century of providing world-
                                                                                   A class service for our customers. Austin has been

                                                                                  a value-driven company from the beginning. Our organization
                                                                                  has always focused on our employee-owners and operational
                                                                                  excellence. We like to say our “People and Performance” make
                                                                                  the difference!
                                                                                      Austin has always been guided by visionary leaders who had
                                                                                  the foresight to anticipate great changes and meet each change
                                                       safety                     head on with a new service or innovation. Founder Charles Moore

                                                                                  did it with the transition from horses to cars and started building
                                                                                  bridges and roads way back in the early 20th century. Through
                                                     service                      the years, Austin has built bridges, highways, road equipment,

                                                                                  farm implements, wastewater treatment plants, power plants,
                                                                                  hospitals, airports, sports stadiums, universities, and even almost
                                                  integrity                       30 million magnesium bomb bodies to support Americans in

                                                                                  World War II.  We are constantly changing the company to stay
                                                                                  relevant and meet needs as they arise.
                                               employee                               Employee-owners  have lived our core values of safety,

                                             ownership                            service, integrity, and employee ownership over the years so
                                                                                  that when others hear the Austin name, it means something
                                                                                  extraordinary. Austin has built a reputation for world-class
                                                                                  safety performance and operational excellence in each Austin
                                                                                  company. Likewise, our service and our integrity are tied to our

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