We are committed to 360 degrees of caring: to developing our employee-owners, exceeding customer expectations, innovating in our industry, and serving the communities in which we live and work.

Our Commitment To Each Other

As employee-owners, we recognize that the growth of every person on the Austin Industries team benefits not just the individual, but also the whole company. To ensure that employee-owners increase their knowledge and develop their skills, the company encourages classroom and online training, provides tuition reimbursement for business-related courses, and makes opportunities for advancement possible.

On a day-to-day basis and throughout our careers, we are committed to supporting each other in everything from personal health and wellness to flexible benefits and professional development.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

To build safe, to build well, to build green, to be on time and to be on budget. Austin Industries remains totally committed to the needs of its customers.

Our Commitment To Our Community

More than 90 years ago, our founding family instilled in the company culture the importance of serving and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

Our commitment to making a difference one employee-owner at a time is demonstrated in everything we do: from sponsoring an important charitable cause, to volunteering in a community engagement event, to using green building principles.

On average, Austin donates more than half a million dollars in cash and in-kind donations to programs that support youth, education, health and the arts.

We serve as a community partner and leading advocate on a number of national, regional, and local causes such as homelessness, youth mentoring and environmental initiatives.

Our Commitment To Our Industry

We are committed to being an industry leader, setting the standard for excellence through continual innovation and adhering to best practices.

Commitment Programs

Health & Wellness

Austin employee-owners make health a priority with programs devoted to weight management, nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction. And employee-owners participate in a variety of health-related causes, including charity walks, runs and bike ride events to raise money for research and funding for health-related organizations.

Environmental Stewardship

Austin embraces the responsibility for the impact of our activities on the natural environment, our most indispensable supplier. Each year, we recycle millions of tons of reinforced steel and also engage in asphalt recycling. Austin recently upgraded its equipment fleet to newer Tier 3 engines that do not produce exhaust gas. Locally, employee-owners regularly participate in local beautification and cleanup projects.

Arts & Culture

Austin is proud to be a sponsor of various art and cultural programs in the communities where we do business. We fund music and dance festivals, theater events, and museum programs that provide an opportunity for people of all walks of life to enjoy the arts.


Austin partners with local school districts and education-based organizations around the country to improve the quality of public and higher education, decrease high school dropout rates, and educate students on the types of career opportunities in the construction industry.


Austin actively engages in a number of social and economic issues to help improve the quality of life not only locally, but globally. Advocating on behalf of more than 100 causes each year, Austin employee-owners work together to make a difference.