Planning, constructability, budgeting, modeling and scheduling – these critical elements of preconstruction launch a successful project on the right course. As the project manager, our proactive approach to working with the design team allows us to work side by side to ensure all quality, budget and functionality purposes of the project are being met in the early, critical stages of design. With early involvement on projects, where our preconstruction expertise allows us to align with project goals, we can deliver a high-quality, on-time, and on-budget construction project that exceeds customer expectations.

Pre Construction and Construction Services


From the critical phase of schematic design to project closeout, Austin Commercial provides the oversight and insight necessary to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our experienced project teams facilitate seamless transitions throughout each phase of a project.  As a construction manager, Austin Commercial has maintained throughout its history a cornerstone policy emphasizing quality, safety, cost efficient construction, and speed. A firm understanding of and compliance with our Total Quality Management 2 (TQM2) manual provides the foundation for our customer-centered building solutions.

With preconstruction and construction services, Austin Commercial provides the oversight and insight necessary to exceed your expectations.

We strive to keep open and clear channels of communication with all parties involved with a project as well as encourage everyone to understand that we are a team with the same goals. This philosophy keeps everyone up-to-date on all issues at all times; therefore, reducing surprises and conflicts on a project. Additionally, it creates pride in ownership among the workers on the project which in turn results in overall project quality.