COVID-19 Update

At Austin, safety is one of our core values and our moral commitment. As a 100% employee-owned company, each of us takes with great care the responsibility for the health and well-being of our employee-owners, customers, partners, and the public. To address the rapidly changing environment and impacts of COVID-19, our senior leadership meets daily to direct our response. We’ve asked Austin jobsites to assess work plans and implement best practices as recommended by Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, including handwashing, sanitization of project offices, and social distancing within the workforce to the greatest extent possible. Non-critical business travel for all employee-owners has been suspended and company events postponed. Employee-owners have been asked to work from home where possible, and access to Austin jobsites has been limited. We’ve worked closely with subcontractors and vendors to ensure a safe work environment for all. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow recommendations and best practices as shared by the CDC.

Message from President and CEO David Walls

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic now the first priority for companies in every industry, we all have a unique set of challenges to confront. In response, Austin leadership now meets daily to discuss the outbreak and the impacts on our business. We are in a constant state of evaluation and adjustment as the situation shifts daily, and Austin is working overtime to anticipate what we can and to provide all of our stakeholders with information and resources needed.

In response, Austin has implemented several measures, detailed below, to increase safety at our jobsites and offices. These will be adjusted and added to these as the situation warrants. Our leadership team remains in communication with government entities and continues to work to provide clarity, guidance, and information to our stakeholders. Austin supervisors have been requested to hold conversations with their direct reports, answer questions where they can, and bring other questions to us for clarification.

Now, more than ever, Austin leans on our core values (safety, service, integrity, employee-ownership) and the employee-owners that dedicate themselves to leading and executing each with excellence. As a company, we believe that the leaders among us focus on the future. They assess the situation, identify a future state, and then forge a path to get there. Every Austin employee-owner is a potential leader and has a role in our future success. The COVID-19 situation will test our leadership mettle, yet the proud history of our company demonstrates our strength of character and ability to overcome.

Surely many of you are experiencing similar challenges at your organizations. At Austin, we are grateful for the great relationships we have with our business partners and the shared dedication to seeing our people and businesses through this challenging time.

David B. Walls
President & Chief Executive Officer
Austin Industries